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EasyBib: EasyBib Overview

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Set Up an Account

New users must set-up accounts either from on-campus, or remotely by using VPN, or a library website link to EasyBib. Following set-up, accounts can be accessed from anywhere on the Web.

Already have an EasyBib account?

If you already have an EasyBib account, and want to upgrade it to a professional account, you need to login to EasyBib either from on campus or using a library website link to EasyBib. After doing this once, you will have the ability to access the service from anywhere with Internet access (i.e. off-campus).


EasyBib: What is it?

EasyBib School Edition can help you at all stages of your research!

Perhaps you've used the free version of EasyBib to create an MLA formatted Works Cited page. In addition to helping you to correctly cite in MLA style, EasyBib School Edition also helps with APA and Chicago styles, including in-text citation formatting.

Here are some of the OTHER things EasyBib helps you to do:

  • Check the suitability of websites you want to use in your projects
  • Organize the information you find and generate an outline
  • Add annotations (short, critical analyses) to the information you find and might want to include in your project
  • Get support and feedback from your instructors regarding the sources you have selected and the annotations you have written
  • Recognize when you are plagiarizing

EasyBib Mobile Apps

Download the EasyBibApp  to your iPhone or Andriod