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Global Fashion Enterprise: Explore/Get Started

Resources which support the Apparel Industry and Retailing.

General Business Indexes which Incude the Apparel Industry


EResources Useful in Apparel & Design

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Where to Start

This reference guide supports the needs of a student in the Fashion Merchandising Program. 

Other basic business reference guides which may be helpful.

Research Book Catalog Subjects

 Starting Your Research

Since an awareness of the needs of the buying public is important in developing a merchandising strategy, the constant reviewing of the internet and published magazines is generally the preferred method of analyzing contemporary styles and trends.  However books can still provide a knowledge foundation on which to build a firm merchandising policy

In searching the book collection, consider using the following terms under subject browse:


clothing and dress
clothing trade
fashion merchandising

retail trade
visual merchandising


Book Collection Search


An Example of Selected Book Titles in the Field

Subject Guide

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