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Films on Demand: Home

Everything you need to know about Films on Demand!

Add Video to Blackboard

Once you find a Film on Demand that illustrates important points in your course, you may find it very helpful to seamlessly integrate this as a link or embedded video within your Blackboard course site.


  1. Locate your Film on Demand.
  2. Copy the exact Title URL or Segment URL from the film's description.
  3. In a new window or tab, login to Blackboard at
  4. Click on the appropriate course site.
  5. Click on the appropriate Content Area.
  6. Click on Build Content and, of the menu options, click the Web Link option on the left.
  7. Fill out the Name & URL fields.

    IMPORTANT: The URL MUST start with
    then paste the Title URL or Segment URL immediately following the = symbol.

  8. Fill out any other sections of the Create Web Link screen.
  9. Scroll to the bottom and click the Submit button.

Voila! The video is now found easily through your course site.

Add Video to PowerPoint

Once you find a Film on Demand that illustrates important points in your course, you may also find it very helpful to integrate this as a link within a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.


  1. Locate your Film on Demand.
  2. Copy the exact Title URL or Segment URL from the film's description.
  3. Paste the link to your appropriate slide.
  4. If it is not yet active/highlighted, follow step 5 and, at the end of the URL, press the Enter key or spacebar.

    -or- If it is an active/highlighted link, Edit the new Hyperlink by right-clicking on it, and click OK after step 5 to save the new hyperlink.
  5. In areas where the entire URL is shown:

    The URL MUST start with
    then paste the Title URL or Segment URL immediately following the = symbol.


Please note that embedding Films on Demand (by creating preview windows with playback capability) is currently not a compatible option with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Films on Demand

Films On Demand is a streaming video platform that provides free and protected access for all members of Philadelphia University to view outstanding academic video content through the Internet. Each video can be embedded in its entirety or in segments into Blackboard for use in a class. It can also be simply viewed through your Internet browser.

Currently, our Films on Demand subscription provides access to over 9000 films on the following subjects:
  • Humanities & Social Sciences
  • Business & Economics
  • Science & Mathematics
  • Health & Medicine
  • Archival Films & Newsreels

Take a Look at a Sample Film!


Films on Demand is a subscription-based service, provided through the Gutman Library.

Like all other Library subscriptions, access to content requires you to login with your PhilaU network username and password.
On-campus access is available via the Library's A to Z Databases lists on the homepage and Research Guides page.

It will not be accessible while off-campus UNLESS the link you provide is modified to ensure access through our EZproxy server.



The off-campus user will then see the following:

EZproxy Login Page

Following a successful login, the next page will show the desired video content.

Films on Demand Tutorials

Use the link below to find vendor-provided tutorials about using interactive transcripts, embedding code, closed captioning and using permalinks.

For the "Personalized" Experience...

You have the option to create a free, personalized User Account within the Films on Demand site. Please note that this is not required to access content.

With this account, you will be able to create and share customized playlists, save your favorite videos for quick access, and set your default preferences.

To experience the full benefit of Films On Demand, simply click on 'Create a User Account'.

Got questions?

For academic usage questions:
Gutman Library Reference Desk

For technical support:
Technology Help Desk