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Information Literacy @ PhilaU: IL for Program Directors

Information Literacy at Philadelphia University

Research Companion

A collection of modules covering the following writing questions:

Where do I start? How do I choose a topic? Where do I find information? How do I evaluate sources?
What counts as evidence? How do I write a thesis statement? How do I organize my argument?
How do I avoid plagiarism and find my own voice? What do I look for when I revise?

Click image above to access ProQuest Research Companion.  Then create an account to track your progress.

What is Information Literacy?

To help students become "wise information consumers" and lifelong learners, by developing in them the ability to effectively find, evaluate and apply information.

University Information Literacy Mission Statement

Middle States Accreditation and Information Literacy

Developing Research & Communication Skills: Guidelines for Information Literacy in the Curriculum (2003) is a publication from The Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the accrediting body for Philadelphia University.

This executive summary outlines the basics for Information Literacy programming in the MSCHE region. The full publication is also available online here.